New Track: Nicki Knightz – ‘Meu Amor’

Nicki Knightz is a lyricist with plenty of heart. Her latest release, ‘Meu Amor’, is an emotion-filled exploration of what it means to battle with your own instinct. Produced by Henny Knightz, the off kilter sonic landscape enhances a feeling of imbalance – falling first in dizzying love, and later confusion. Sharp synths punctuate an intro that is reminiscent of Pharrell’s 2003 hit Frontin’ while Knightz verses glide effortlessly through the tune.

It’s really a battle of me wanting to not care but being forced to by emotions.” Knightz explains, “I was experiencing feelings for a person who I didn’t expect to. It’s more a less me trying to convince myself in the song in some parts that I don’t feel this way but then at the same time me saying how “perfect” this feeling is.”

Knightz first started writing raps when she was 13, inspired by her creative brothers she was naturally drawn to the art of self expression, watching MTV Base and Channel AKA she would often memorise songs in order to better develop her performances. Away from the stereotypical female Grime MC aesthetic Knightz has a calm in her aura and weight in her delivery that makes you pay attention to the words that flow. Hers is a style more aligned to Little Simz than Little Kim.

I loved the feeling of knowing all the words to a song and then being able to perform it, even if it was just in my bedroom, it use to give me a real buzz.” Nicki says, “I then met “Henny Knightz” who contacted me through Blackberry Messenger as I had a status up saying “Writing a song.” He instantly asked about it and then told me he was creating a music team and wanted me to be apart of it, this was my next step into music and actually evolving as an artist. I started off initially writing poetry that then grew into spoken-word, which I wrote when something really bad had happened, it was my own sort of escapism from the situation.

Knighthood Society is a collective on the move – their previous release, a collaboration entitled ‘Two Hours and A Half Past Ten’, illustrates their driving need to better understand themselves and the world they live in.

‘Meu Amor’ is the latest example of the often questioning, always honest, alternative Hip Hop brand Knighthood Society is all about.