No Time For Reason share new single ‘Novocaine’

Following the successful release of their first two singles and a string of sell-out shows in their native North East, Tyneside’s pop-punk newcomers No Time For Reason are back with their third offering, “Novocain” – a pop punk anthem with everything we’ve come to expect from the Newcastle-based band; catchy hooks, memorable melodies and energetic instrumentals.

Self-described as a ‘motley crew of influences’, the band’s inspirations span from EDM to jazz, but their love of pop punk is what shines through, with their sound being compared to the likes of Panic At The Disco, Blink 182, Bloc Party and Biffy Clyro.

As chief songsmith, front man David Stoker aims to provide a voice for millennials and Generation Z, drawing from personal experiences to offer his own take on 21st Century pop culture with wit and candour. Stoker’s vocals are complimented by the characteristically fun and intense instrumentals provided byCharlie Philp (guitar), Henry Poxon (bass) and Tony Liam (drums).

Recorded at Blast Recording Studios in Newcastle and mastered by Motto Sound in London, the band’s latest single introduces heavier guitars to the mix and delves into more serious themes.

Speaking on the song’s composition, Chief songsmith David Stoker said:

I think it’s our best song yet! The track has got a real pop-punk feel to it. The hook in the chorus is super catchy and memorable giving it that pop feel we love!

The song was inspired by my own personal feelings about relationships. I have always found it hard to be in relationships. Sometimes I feel numb to my emotions and I’ve gotten used to the idea of being on my own. That’s the feeling I wanted to get across in this song.”

We recorded at Blast in Newcastle which is always a pleasure. The equipment is fantastic, and we love all the producers and engineers who work there.”

Tired with what they were hearing on the radio, No Time For Reason set out on a mission to breathe new life into the pop music scene by harking back to the golden age of pop rock.

Stoker continues: “In terms of pop, I don’t think there’s much great music out there at the moment. It all sounds the same. We’re trying to bring that old school rock sound back but still make it commercial with catchy hooks.

We hope we can appeal to both the pop and rock fan bases. People should listen to our new single as it does both that, hits hard with the rock driven guitars but has catchy vocal hooks which will be an ear worm for days!”

Since forming a year ago, No Time For Reason have wasted no time making their mark on the North East music scene, releasing a series of popular singles and performing some packed shows across the region.

With two new singles recorded since the beginning of 2020, a headline show at Newcastle O2 Academy just around the corner and their first UK tour planned for later in the year, the future is looking bright for No Time For Reason.

Novocain’ will be released Friday 24th January on Spotify and all good digital stockists.