Noel Gallagher slams Arcade Fire & Miley Cyrus but has praise for Kanye West

Noel Gallagher is no stranger to laying into anyone he lays his eyes on, and it seems the music of 2013 has given him plenty to complain about.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Noel set the tone by describing 2013 as a ‘dog-shit year’ before laying in to Miley Cyrus, Arcade Fire and Robin Thicke.

Speaking of Cyrus’ recent publicity attracting performances, Noel discussed how females are represented in the music industry: “I think there’s a trend, unfortunately, in the game, at the minute, of girls desperately trying to be provocative”, saying that the reason is quite simply, “really, they’re not very good.

“It’s just embarrassing. Be good. Don’t be outrageous. Anybody can be outrageous! I could go to the Rolling Stone office and fucking shit on top of a boiled egg, right? And people would go, “Wow, fucking hell, that’s outrageous!” But is it any good? No, because, essentially, it’s just a shit on top of a boiled egg. That’s all it is.”

When asked for his thoughts on Lady Gaga, Noel said: “Lady Gaga for me is all about that first album, because my daughter and my wife loved it. I’ve never heard of her since. What does that say? That speaks volumes, to me. She’s another one. In fact, she’s probably doing a shit on top of a boiled egg right now.”

What an image.

When asked about Arcade Fire’s new album, Noel described them as arrogant, saying: “Anybody that comes back with a double album, to me, needs to pry themselves out of their own asshole,” with Robin Thicke being labelled a one hit wonder: “It’ll be like that guy who’s done “Gangnam Style” – we’ll never hear from him again.”

However, the ex-Oasis guitarist did have high praise for David Bowie, Arctic Monkeys, Disclosure, and surprisingly, Kanye West.

When asked what he thought of Bowie’s new album: “I thought at the time, and I still think now, that it’s a fucking masterpiece. I love it. Nobody has the right to be that fucking good at this point in their career.” AM was described as half “really fucking good” and half “eh, yeah”, with Disclosure’s live performance at Glasto “truly fucking amazing.”

Kanye West got unexpected praise from the ‘Godlike Genius’. Speaking of his first listen to a West record, “I was like, “What the fucking hell is this?” And turns out it’s off that new album. So I got the album, and it’s fucking great. I really like it.”

Noel said that although he hasn’t recorded any new material this year, he is planning on getting back in to the studio in 2014: “I hope to do some recording in New York, because I’ve never done it before, and maybe on the off chance I might bump into David Bowie somewhere on the street, and get him to come down to the studio, dressed as an elf, and do a little mime while I’m putting an acoustic guitar track.”