One To Watch – Frankie Forman

‘Scars On Me’ – the new single from Frankie Forman is a sexy and soulful debut from this young star. Forman began her career in the bars and cafes of Montmartre in Paris, where she met her co-writer Johnny Rock. Despite having different musical tastes and ideas, together they began writing and performing and are now based in London. The pair has created a storm of interest ever since their first Camden show, with the buzz still increasing.

A mix of melancholic soul and blues rock reminiscent of Portishead, this track sets off painting the picture of an old Western with distorted guitars and muffled whistling from the outset. A jaunty beat with added tambourine is suddenly enhanced ten times over with Forman’s beautiful vocals. Her mellow and soft tone is distinct, but could be compared to Duffy with a hint of Amy Winehouse’s sass.

At the bridge ‘Scars On Me’ totally opens up, leaving Forman to show off her incredible vocals and remarkable range – reminding me of Duffy more than ever. The words sung by Frankie swoop up and down, sounding more and more superb every second. The drums return and, with some excellent harmonies and swelling excitement, the track abruptly ends.

This single is the last track from Frankie Forman’s Blue Dogs EP, available to hear on her facebook page. ‘Scars On Me’, as the end of Frankie’s debut EP, just leaves you wanting more, and I’m totally sure she’ll deliver.

(Photo courtesy of Eva Pentel)


Elli Brazzill

Elli Brazzill

Elli Brazzill

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