One To Watch: Isaac Gracie

Isaac Gracie, a 21-year-old from Ealing dubbed as London’s own Jeff Buckley by the NME, has caused quite the frenzy over the past few of months with his paired down, folk-inspired music and nods to Radiohead.

Word clearly reached the other side of the pond too, prompting Lucian Grainge (only the Chairman and CEO of Universal Music Group) to fly from LA to London to attend Gracie’s modest show at The Lexington and subsequently sign him to Virgin EMI. Not bad for someone whose entire back-catalogue of tracks was recorded on Garageband in his bedroom.

‘Last Words’ is clearly, at least for now, Gracie’s stand-out track as an acoustic ballad so emotive yet understated that the ropey guitar recording is instantly forgiven. ‘Terrified’ proves a good listen too and shares the distinct comfortable familiarity that many of his songs feature. Gracie’s music is beautiful lyrically as well as melodically, but honestly – with a voice that soulful – he could be singing about toothpaste and still be entirely deserving of the hype that currently engulfs him.

Isaac Gracie’s aptly named EP Songs From My Bedroom is out now via Virgin EMI Records. And catch him live:

16 May – Poetry Club, Glasgow
19 May – The Great Escape, Brighton
1 July – Barn On The Farm, Gloucester 


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