Ones To Watch: Asylums

Remember the first time you heard the loutish aggressive indie punk of The Libertines? Remember how the timing was just right because it followed Britpop and was in direct contrast to that? Well, Asylums have the potential to be THAT band. Whether it happens this year or the next, the group have something about them that may well force its way into the mainstream, or at least deserve to.

Oozing with ferocious sub-pop influence, the trudging grunge rockers from Southend-on-Sea have burst onto the scene with rave reviews from the likes of Q, NME and The 405.

In no way are Asylums like The Libertines musically or lyrically, and I resent the fact any ‘indie’ four-piece seem to get compared to them instantly so bear with me, but there’s a sense of that youthful energy about them, in the same way, there’s equally a comparison to be made with the energy and tempo of Nirvana’s Bleach. Asylums have a sound that has fused different genres together, experimenting with pace, style and substance to create a sound that is challenging for their era.

Their latest single, ‘Wet Dream Fanzine’, is a playful pop track with a real in-your-face aggression and power that will be hard to ignore. By the looks of the video, their live shows seem to be just as chaotic and visceral as their recorded material.

Asylums seem like the real deal. They seem DIY and they seem to be have the post-punk ethics of the early ’90s. Releasing their debut EP via their own label, Cool Thing Records, everyone must keep close watch on these lads.

The debut EP from Asylums is out 23rd February via the band’s own label, Cool Thing Records. 


Josh Nicol


Josh Nicol

Josh Nicol

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