Ones To Watch: The Bad Years

The romantically connected duo, The Bad Years seem to know what they’re doing with their dreamy pop-rock. Lying somewhere in between The Cardigans and Goldfrapp, their single, ‘Common Mistake’ was released on BlackBook last month and seems to be a fruitful confession track reflecting real aspects of relationships and love.

It seems to be a suitable conclusion that the listener is gaining something of real substance with the band’s love song. Given the fact that Sami Akbari (aka Sami The Great) and Aaron Mort (formerly The Stone Foxes) are a real couple, why shouldn’t we presume that the line “I’ll take all the blame. If you take all the shame” is a real reflection of an aspect of their relationship?

Akbari explains, “For us it’s about being hopelessly in love but going through a period of frustration and doubt. You crave change but you’re just not feeling satisfied with the time it’s taking to get there, feelings of anxiousness, fear, and love combining…the eternal relationship struggle.

The video reflects the song’s themes of struggle and passion amongst deep feelings of love and affection, applying a visual representation of the track’s balance and contrast when it comes to the positives and negatives of a relationship.

‘Common Mistake’ is a track of lyrical and melodic strength with its feet set firmly on its complete sound and style.

Check out the unique video for ‘Common Mistake’ here:

 Josh Nicol

Josh Nicol

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