Ones To Watch: The Coathangers

Having spent ten years in the business, it feels somewhat strange to term Atlanta natives, The Coathangers, as ‘ones to watch’. But, with this year bringing UK tour dates and with the release of latest EP Parasite coming hot on the heels after last year’s well-received fifth album, Nosebleed Weekend, it seems an opportune time to bring them to your attention.

Having formed and adopted their name as a ‘joke’ – and a pretty sick one at that – the then four-piece’s self-titled debut in 2007 was a self-consciously simplistic piece of no-wave punk aggro. By the time they came round to fourth album Suck My Shirt in 2014, however, The Coathangers had found a more clearly defined garage sound, despite having, by then, lost their keyboardist and become a default power trio.  

Last year’s album furthered the development, leading to sounds venturing into pop-punk territory – with ‘Make It Right’ and ‘Watch Your Back’ prime pieces of twenty-teens garage-rock. Nonetheless, the album shows they haven’t entirely lost their sense of humour: ‘Squeeki Tiki’ features one of those dog chew-toys as its chorus’ principal instrument.  

Thus far, there’s only one track been made available from Parasite, but ‘Captain’s Dead’ finds the band in fine form, with pulsing trigger-guitar verses switching key to choruses as big as sea-shanties. All in all, The Coathangers have shaken off their joke-name reputation almost entirely, even if it has taken a decade to do. International success now seems certain for The Coathangers – providing they don’t jacket in

Parasite, the new EP from The Coathangers, is out 30 June on Suicide Squeeze.

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