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Delora are a three-piece indie-pop girl band hailing from London who have just released their debut EP, Superglue and – within just 6 months of being a band – these girls have attracted a plethora of attention. Clearly it’s all happening for Delora, which makes it all the more shocking that the talented trio are unsigned (although we can guess it probably won’t be long before someone snaps them up!)

The EP opens with ‘Special FX’, a track that features ‘70s funk reminiscent guitars alongside rhythmic keys and shimmering synths. Leading into second track ‘LLLove’, the funk sound continues as lyrics ‘I want your lllove, your deepest darkest love’ meet with whirring guitars, giving it a slightly rockier edge.

The next track ‘Come Alive’ slows the pace a little, opening with looping electronics and subtle acoustics as the contrast between the delicate instrumentals and powerful vocals highlights the talent within this group. Lead track ‘Superglue’ opens with a piano melody before leading into an up-tempo beat. Front woman Lucy’s vocals have a powerful, assured tone that works together with the softer and lighter pitch of guitarist Lauren’s backing vocals to create a blissful harmony throughout the entirety of the EP.

You may have already caught Delora on stages across festivals this summer, but if you didn’t, don’t fear: the girls will be embarking on a two-week Coffee House Sessions tour in October. The girls will be playing at over 25 universities across the UK and, quite frankly, you’d be daft to miss them.

Superglue is out now on iTunes.


Ellen Offredy


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