Ones To Watch: Desperate Journalist

There is a lot to be said for making truly good pop music without developing clichés along the way. The London based four-piece, Desperate Journalist have a sense of that about them; highlighting that direct and straight to the point vision for melody with their latest single and video for ‘Control’.

Taken from their upcoming self-titled debut, the track may seem old-fashioned to some. In a sense it’s a very simple song, sitting at just under three minutes long with a well-balanced verse to chorus to climax structure. The band explore some post-punk attributes, however, and as well as expressing a certain style of Gothic culture, the energy and speed of the guitar work in the chorus and climax contrasts greatly with the atmosphere developed in the verses.

With their début record out in just a few weeks, the band definitely have the potential to turn heads. With the strong instrumental ability of the band, fronted by the brilliant Jo Bevan, there’s a real chance of them making an impact in 2015.

‘Control’ is a big single and a big statement, showing an accumulation of various styles, whilst retaining that direct and solid vision of essentially being a rock band that makes good pop music. Whether or not this is deliberately and delicately constructed or naturally exerted is another matter, but either would suffice: the end product is rather impressive.


The eponymous debut album from Desperate Journalist is out 26th January, and you can catch them live at the album launch next Thursday (22nd) at The Lexington in London town. Pre-order Desperate Journalist here.


Joshua Nicol



Josh Nicol

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