Ones To Watch: Fake Tears

Starting in 2012 as an all-woman supergroup, Fake Tears eventually whittled down to two – and seemingly for the best. Larissa Loyva and Elisha May Rembold appear to have perfected the art of songwriting (and of telepathy, apparently). The two write material separately, before bringing it together, and somehow create seamlessly tight harmonies, with absolutely no distinction between who’s written what.

It’s tricky not to fall in love with their quirky synth-pop. There’s a definite femme fetale feel to Fake Tears: charming and sexy, but simultaneously haunting. You can’t help but be a little wary of the girls – after all, if their songwriting abilities are anything to go by, they’re bloody powerful.

With their latest record Nightshifting, the duo combine buzzing synths and infectious beats with their gorgeously delicate vocals to create one of the most exciting albums of this year. Both girls’ lengthy and impressive musical history becomes clear in the album – Larissa’s work with How To Dress Well and Elisha’s with Lost Lover’s Brigade (a folk-rock band). Despite the quirky nature of Fake Tears, it remains pop and radio friendly. It’s accessible – like Little Boots, but with something much more interesting to offer.

Be sure to add these guys to your night out playlist.

Nightshifting is out 7 August on Mint Records.


Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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