Ones To Watch: Flesh

Cities like Birmingham have taken over recently with a surge of great new bands –  an eccentric wave of excitement. However, Flesh – one of the coolest band to come out of Manchester since The Stone Roses – might just be the start of a revival of great Manchester music. I’d happily place a bet on it. Making waves locally around Manchester, supporting great bands such as Darlia, Man Made, King Tuff and Trojan Horse, Flesh are most definitely ones to watch.

Although Flesh may have taken some musical influence from the great bands of their city’s past – the intro to last single, ‘Vauxhall Casanova’, has that slight squelchy reverb essence of ‘Waterfall’-  the best thing about them is their ultimate uniqueness. Once that intro is over and the song kicks in, it’s a whole different story: energised guitars and drawling vocals contrast, yet perfectly compliment, each other. As a young 4-piece, the band’s personality as a group shines through into their music – it’s cheeky and a bit dirty, it’s what they’re all about. It’s also all down to their killer song-writing, they’ve not written a bad one yet. In fact, having seen them live, I can safely say they’re all stellar.



New single – ‘’Avin It In Ibiza’ – is the ultimate demonstration of what Flesh are about, and what they can produce. The guys describe themselves as “sleaze snotpop” and that’s somehow an alarmingly accurate description. Robbie’s vocals are dirty and sleazy; like a repressed addict, they crunch and crawl their way through funky bass and squealing guitars. Solid harmonies top off Robbie’s already slick vocals, added to the proper Manc pronunciation of “Ibiza” to “ibeefuhhh”. A killer song accompanied by a DIY video that looks professionally shot – they can’t go wrong. It’s impossible to stop watching despite mainly consisting of the boys driving about in their Seat, or goofing around  in front of a tapestry imprinted with their awesome, yet rather phallic, logo. ”Avin It In Ibiza’ is an ultimate anthem – it’s a singalong that’s sleazy and heavy, yet upbeat and catchy: perfect for just rockin’ out.

Flesh are certainly on their way to the big time, and I can’t wait for what they’ll come up with next!                                                


Elli Brazzill


Elli Brazzill

Elli Brazzill

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