Ones To Watch: Jackals Rose

Hailing from Essex, Jackals Rose are bursting into the forefront of new music with their exciting brand of fuzz rock.

It’s a tricky thing to pull off – a decent fuzz sound, that is – and it seems bands often struggle to judge how much fuzz is too much fuzz; knowing when it’s time to cut down on the reverb and feedback, and whether the whirly guitars are just that bit too whirly, seems to be a fine art that many fail to conquer. Yet Jackals Rose have it down to a tee, it seems, and their efforts aren’t going unnoticed. Their debut single ‘All For You’ – which displays their ability to make admirably powerful, head-bang inducing, psychedelic fuzz sounds – has already racked up almost 8,000 views on YouTube, and the video is a perfect accompaniment.

Jackals Rose’s sound is arguably far beyond what you’d expect from a band releasing their debut single. Though their music is quite chaotic in its nature, there’s a definite level of control to what they do – a sort of maturity that never falls into the zone of being contrived or pretentious, but rather proves just how dedicated and talented they are.

Take a tip from everyone who’s discovered these guys already, and get on board with Jackals Rose.

Melissa Svensen



Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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