Ones To Watch: LIINES

Life can’t be easy for bands coming out of Manchester. As a notorious breeding ground for new music, it’s often tricky for bands to feel fresh, or – even if they do – people hunt endlessly for some comparison.

Yet LIINES – made up of Zoe McVeigh, Steph Angel and Leila O’Sullivan – are breaking the mould. Though comparisons can be made to the likes of Savages and Sleater Kinney (not just because they’re a group of painfully cool women), LIINES are one of the most refreshing sounds to emerge not just from Manchester but from anywhere.

Merging together the best of post-punk, grunge and new wave, the sound that LIINES produce is brooding, epic, and riotous. Something which, if their promise of a truly original sound weren’t enough, has brought them a reputation as one of Manchester’s most powerful live acts – tracks like ‘Blackout’ hark to this, its unwavering power almost too big for recording.

Almost being the operative word, that is, because until you do get a change to see LIINES live, I wouldn’t waste any time missing out on listening to them. Already receiving acclaim from the likes of John Kennedy and Tom Robinson, they are most certainly Ones To Watch.

‘Blackout’ is out now, download it here.

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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