Ones To Watch: Lust for Youth

Lust for Youth are Hannes Norrvide, Malthe Fischer and Loke Rajbek: a trio from Copenhagen proving for the umpteenth time this year exactly where in the world we should be searching for new music.

Constantly exploring and expanding their sound, Lust for Youth’s latest offering sees previous intimate bedroom drones transform into 80s-esque synth pop anthems. It’s rare – and almost totally unimaginable – for a band to so closely mirror the sounds of iconic bands like New Order and actually pull it off. Yet let it be known that Lust for Youth are more than capable. They take the influence, and, whilst the influence is very clear, it never once sounds like a copy; a skill others can only dream of possessing.

Whilst Lust for Youth began as Hannes’ solo project, the introduction of the two new members has done wonders for the sound. What started off as atonal, gloomy lo-fi (albeit fantastic atonal, gloomy lo-fi) has blossomed into an anthemic, club-ready sound. Lust for Youth are fully prepared to become the New Order of this generation.

‘Better Looking Brother’, the new single from Lust For Youth, is out now via Sacred Bones.

Melissa Svensen

Photo Credit: Kelsey Henderson

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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