Ones To Watch: Spoilers

Bringing together ex-members of Ice Sea Dead People, Great Cop and Grass Giraffes, the now London-based Spoilers bring together London, Glasgow and Georgia as one of the brilliant new bands on the garage-punk scene.

Their first release, 3 Songs, contains three songs (surprisingly) of sheer energy: the perfect display of their talent. It’s loud, that’s for sure, but manages to remain suitably melodic, with jagged riffs backing the aggression of the vocals. As with most punk influenced bands, there’s an undeniable sense of disaffection and anger, but also an air of nonchalance.

Whilst the music is unquestionably brilliant, it seems almost effortless. Whether it is or not, Spoilers seem to know exactly what they’re doing. There’s elements of the London punk scene and the American garage-rock vocals coming together to create something wonderfully brutal.

With a whole host of new punk bands suddenly emerging, it’s difficult to avoid becoming yet another one of the crowd, but Spoilers clearly aren’t about to let that happen. Having had a second release out in February, they’re admirably determined to dish out the material, which will no doubt be happily lapped up. Not only with their loud sound, but their bright pink artwork, Spoilers are in-your-face in all the best ways – don’t ignore it.

Catch Spoilers live at The Stillery in Camden on 7th April – it’s free, and promises to be awesome!  More info here.


Melissa Svensen


Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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