Ones To Watch: Table Scraps

Whilst groups losing members is fairly common, how often do duos become trios? Well, that’s the case for Birmingham garage band Table Scraps who, following lead singer and guitarist Scott’s recovery from skeletal surgery – clearly the rockingest form of medical treatment – have added a bassist to their roster and an extra layer of fright to their already rather dark outlook.

As one might expect, the shift from guitar/vox-drums, to the standard power trio line-up has allowed Table Scraps to move forward from an initial incarnation as a swampy, dark take on heavy rock into something that has both more pace and more rhythmic space, prompting comparisons with the finest American garage acts of the ’60s, such as The Stooges, The MC5 and Alice Cooper. The latter is certainly evident in latest release ‘My Obsession’, with Scott’s gritty, strangled delivery, the impending doom of drummer Poppy Twist’s slamming stomps and bassist TJ’s fuzz-drenched rhythm. What’s more, the song’s video looks set to maintain the schlock-horror styling, having been shot in glorious old-school 3D – buy the 7” EP to receive your own red and blue 3D glasses!  

Live, meanwhile, the band are a similarly fearsome prospect, encompassing everything from howling vocals to theremin solos. It feels as though Table Scraps have crawled out of the swamps to terrorise innocent young minds with hypnotic tunes and lyrical scare stories – rather like a hybrid of The Cramps’ horror-tinged Americana and Brum metal pioneers, Black Sabbath.

So, if you like your rock and roll with an extra layer of horror, look no further than Table Scraps – a gang who are clearly feeding off something stronger than their name would suggest.

‘My Obsession’, the new single from Table Scraps, is out 28th April. But, in the mean time, head over to their Soundcloud to hear what they have to offer!

Catch Table Scraps live over the next few weeks:

24 April – Crofters Rights, Bristol
27 April – Hare And Hounds, Birmingham
2 May – Old Blue Last, London
4 May – Sound Bar, Liverpool

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