Paris Street Rebels Release Debut Single ‘Freakshow’

Full to the brim of politicised statements, this dynamited rock-pop band’s latest single create flawless impressions.

Chris Marshall and Johnny Madden, behind names such as Gerry Cinnamon, Rascalton and The Dunts, have worked alongside The Paris Street Rebels to create the track. The band stated that “after a year in the shadows building our group in secret we’re ready to show the world what we’ve been up to” and from this track alone, they’ve certainly been up to no good…

The name says it all. Political dominance within the lyrics juxtapose the optimism injected riffs, while they create an understanding for the passion deep within the instrumental and vocal recordings:

“We’re despised by the President, his armies, and his guns, We’d be ashamed if we were never insubordinations fun.”

This upbeat track with a worldwide relevant punk edge will dominate your ears and not allow you to stop listening. A very exciting beginning, for a very exciting band.

You can listen to Panic Street Rebel’s new song below:


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