Paul Gallagher: Oasis have ‘unfinished business’

Paul Gallagher, the non-Oasis brother of Liam and Noel, has confirmed that Oasis are likely to be planning a reunion.

Speaking in an interview as part of a documentary being filmed for Irish TV, Paul says that he believes the brothers will reunite as they have ‘unfinished business’.

In the interview, Gallagher says: “I think Noel regrets walking out the way he did. Liam was always going to carry on and do his own thing. I’ve got a funny feeling something might happen in the future. All it takes is two guys to say, ‘You know what, I’m sorry, but I love you.’ That’s all it takes, it’s not hard. It’s easy.”

The Beady Eye star performed last Friday at A Night For Jon Brookes, covering a George Harrison classic – more interviews and pics of the night still to come on Gigslutz!