Paul Orwell ‘Like I Did Before’ EP Review

So here we are again, being transported away, back in time to an almost psychedelic, 60’s. After the release of ‘Little Reason’ around 2 months ago it was with great anticipation that I first heard Paul Orwell’s new EP, ‘Like I Did Before’. On first listen it did not disappoint, if anything it followed up the fantastic single perfectly, including those familiar disorientating vocal rhythms and menacing layer of eccentric guitar.

Firstly, we hear the title track. Sounding like a record created by The Animals and hitting you immediately, ‘Like I Did Before’ has a very strong beat that captures you quickly. It’s a shame the next tune, ‘Hide and Seek’ isn’t longer. A personal favourite, mainly due to the fact it is so upbeat but at closer listen, its lyrics are very unalike to its cheery tune.

This whole EP has clear-cut, vintage feel to it which is seen in the last two songs, most prominently. Both ‘Death Wish’ and ‘Damaged Goods’ could convince you that you have walked into the 1960’s.

Paul Orwell’s music is defiantly gaining momentum, on twitter and across Soundcloud too. With this EP being released as a free download, it’s even more encouraging to give it a listen.

Rachel Young

Rachel Young

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