Pirate Studios bring Bang Bang Romeo, The Wholls + Rale live to your front room…

3 of the UK’s best new acts play an exclusive session for Pirate Studios tonight in London as part of their Pirate Live sessions. Tonight’s special guests are:

Bang Bang Romeo 8.30pm

The Wholls 7.30pm

Rale 6.30pm

Hit up the Pirate Studio’s Facebook from 6.30pm + enjoy a night of blinding new music this Monday.

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Pirate Studios aim to create spaces where talents are honed and live music will prosper. At the heart of this groundbreaking model is a trust centric, community-driven approach, utilising innovative technology to support 24/7 self-service access to suit the needs of musicians everywhere.

Book rehearsal time for a chance to join the ranks of artists such as Carl Barât, BlackWaters, The Blinders and many more who have broadcast live sets from Pirate Studios who now operate in over 90 studios across the UK, with locations in Bristol, Cardiff, Birmingham, Leicester, Liverpool,
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