PLAYLIST: August 2017

The sun might not be shining, but we’ve got eleven sparkling new tracks for you to listen to whilst you’re stuck at the bus stop, getting soaked in the rain on your way to work. We’ve got everything from lo-fi alternative pop to defiant inclusive punk! Have a listen below and tell your friends all about it (or your enemies if you’re not too impressed).

Chelou – ‘Damned I See’
Londoner Chelou has gifted us with another lo-fi gem in the form of ‘Damned Eye See’. The track premiered earlier this week on Delicieuse Musique, and the accompanying video is set to be released soon. Lose yourself in his charming echoic vocals, and poetic lyrics. (Kate Crudgington)

Tooth & Nail – ‘Troubled Times’
Inspired by the inescapable mess of Trump/Brexit, ‘Troubled Times’ is 3’47” of hard-hitting, swaggering indie-blues. Floating between AM-era Arctic Monkeys and Royal Blood, it’s soulful, cool and not about to hold back. Indeed, as the band themselves put it: “Rock and roll shouldn’t be afraid to address these issues,” and Tooth & Nail certainly aren’t afraid. (Melissa Svensen)

Kesha – ‘Woman’ 
I haven’t generally been a fan of Kesha’s music in the past, but after everything she’s been through with the Dr Luke case, I think she’s shown herself to be a super strong inspiration of a woman. And, if this song doesn’t make you want to get up, feel empowered and give a whopping middle finger to the patriarchy, I’m not sure what will. (Mari Lane)

Tired Lion – ‘Fresh’
Australian alt-rockers Tired Lion have added another anthem to their repertoire; ‘Fresh’. Sophie’s vocals are stronger than ever on this track, and they’ll be filling the fields of Reading & Leeds Festival at the end of this month. Make sure you catch them if you can. (KC)

Declan McKenna – ‘Humongous’
With his debut album finally out (which you can read me raving about here) I’ve had Declan McKenna on repeat. Album opener ‘Humongous’ sets the tone for what is one of the most impressive debuts in a long time: thoughtful, infectious and endlessly fun. (MS)

Sacred Paws – ‘Strike A Match’
Scottish Album of the Year award winners Sacred Paws have been catching our attention for a while now. Fronted by the sunny charm of Rachel Aggs (who’s also in Gigslutz faves Trash Kit), they treat us to delectable, danceable delights. As vibrant melodies flow seamlessly alongside lush harmonies and thrilling, racing beats, it’s impossible not be left grinning from cheek to cheek listening to the utterly uplifting and impossibly infectious ‘Strike A Match’. (ML)

Isaac Gracie – ‘The Death Of You & I’ 
If you thought London-born songwriter Isaac Gracie was only capable of creating sullen, slow, sublime ballads; think again. His new single is a change of direction, blending jazzy verses with powerful, hair-raising choruses. The track will be released on the 29th September through Virgin EMI on limited edition 10″ vinyl, and will also be available to stream and download on all digital platforms. (KC)

Un Blonde – ‘Staying In Line’
Try not to get emotional whilst listening to ‘Staying In Line,’ I dare you. It’s impossible, for even the coldest of hearts, so apologies in advance for getting you hooked on something so tragically beautiful. Released shortly ahead of his debut international release, ‘Staying In Line’ is a little dose of Un Blonde that will have you hooked on the emotive, transcendent musician. (MS)

Bright Eyes – ‘First Day Of My Life’
Hearing this song when indulging in Bright Eyes’ 2005 album I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning at the age of 19 really did feel like the first day of my life in a lot of ways; it was one of those rare times that I just felt completely in sync with a song, like I could have written every lyric myself. So, I’m pretty excited to finally be getting to see the writer of such poignant creations, Conor Oberst, at Green Man Festival next week…(ML) 

Downtown Boys – ‘A Wall’
Lyrically inspired by Assata Shakur’s poem “i believe in living”, this is the opening track from Downtown Boys’ brand new album, Cost Of Living (released via Sub Pop today). It brims with the band’s trademark thundering drums, rolling guitar riffs, and bold vocals. Whether you see your own struggles reflected in the words, or you’re an ally to those struggling against oppression; Downtown Boys are the band for you. (KC)

Soft Fangs – ‘Elephant Girl’ 
You know when you fall in love with a song at first listen? Well, that. ‘Elephant Girl’ is the dreamy new single from Brooklyn-based John Lutkevich, aka Soft Fangs. An abstract interpretation of loneliness, it’s a heart-wrenching beaut of a track. Filled with delicate, lilting melodies alongside an overpowering, sweeping emotion and Lutkevich’s raw vocals, it’s a shimmering slice of entrancing dark pop. Sadly it’s not on Spotify, but you really should have a listen on Soundcloud(ML) 


Kate Crudgington

Kate Crudgington

Assistant Editor for Gigslutz (2015-2017) Now Co-Founder, Co-Host & Features Editor for @getinherears