Playlist: Love Songs which are Lush (not Slush)

Aye up ‘Slutz!

It’s Valentine’s Day!

(Our chosen moniker doesn’t exactly lend itself to subtlety well, so word to the wise: that’s an opening line you may wish to avoid tonight.)

Huey Lewis once sang that it’s hip to be square but that remains to be seen. What’s for certain, however, is it’s still unacceptable to enjoy the soft rock romantic mewling of Phil Collins, Foreigner, Bryan Adams and the like. You can go ahead and include Huey Lewis in that too. Don’t know what I was thinking…

Since Valentine’s Day traditionally serves up a soundtrack made up of mostly this sort of dreck, we thought we’d put together something as an alternative. Here for your listening pleasure is a compilation of love songs which we have deemed OK to like, cannily titled Love Songs Which Gigslutz Have Deemed OK To Like.

Now go make sure you buy enough cards and chocolate that we can do this all over again next year!

Elliott Homer
Elliott Homer is an undisputed master of understatement, a black belt holder in mixed metaphors and long-time deserving of some such award for length of time spent chatting rubbish about music down the pub. Studies show prolonged exposure to his scribblings can cause migraines, hysterical pregnancy, night terrors and/or acne, yet seldom encourages readers to agree with the author, in fact quite the reverse, much to his eternal frustration.