Playlist: Protest Songs

It hardly seems necessary for me to go into why we’ve put together a playlist of ‘Protest Songs’ right now. So I won’t…

What I will say is that it’s at times like this that we seek refuge in music more than ever. Times like this when we need politically-charged bands and artists, set on combining activism with fantastic tunes. For me, there is nothing more powerful than music to inspire, to motivate – to protest with.

So, to accompany these somewhat terrifying times, here’s a few tunes to help you feel powerful again. Or simply to provide a soundtrack to screaming at the headlines and punching the screen each time a certain orange-faced monster appears…

From original protest anthems from Billie Holiday, to angst-driven punk like The Sex Pistols and Rage Against The Machine. From Springsteen’s famously misunderstood American anthem, to some empowering Feminist mantras, and even some new additions – inspired by recent events.

So, turn up the volume, feel empowered, and let’s protest this shit.

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Mari Lane

Mari Lane

Editor, London. Likes: Kathleen Hanna, 6Music, live music in the sunshine. Dislikes: Sexism, pineapples, the misuse of apostrophes.