PREMIERE: Belle Mt. share new track ‘Let Me’

Following their previous single ‘Hollow,’ Belle Mt. are sharing the brilliant new single ‘Let Me.’

With Belle Mt. created during a period in which lead singer Matt Belmont withdrew from public performances, talking time for personal development and introspective songwriting, their offerings are emotional. And ‘Let Me’ is no different: “I wrote this song about a night where my relationship was stretched almost to breaking point by an outpouring of truths and vulnerabilities on both sides… leaving the two of us in the position of being fully open and exposed to one another for the first time, surrounded by the respective baggage we carry; despite the emotional weight of the topic, with Femke’s uplifting production of Let Me we’ve attempted to envelop some deeply personal lyrics in an energetic and almost anthemic Alt-Pop sound, but if you dig a little deeper you’ll still find the melancholy beneath.”  –  Matt, Belle Mt.

Summed up pretty perfectly by Matt – an uplifting dose of raw emotion – ‘Let Me’ is set to be the pop sound of the next few months.


Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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