PREMIERE: Easter share new album, ‘Meander Lines’

Ahead of its release this week, Easter are sharing their new album, Meander Lines, exclusively on Gigslutz.

The title, as singer/guitarist Tom Long reflects is based on “an architectural term; when city planners design paths for people to walk, meander lines are the routes they often end up taking instead – shortcuts, cutting across spaces etc. These songs had a long gestation, which became this heavy transition period for me personally and for the band as well, and this seemed to be the perfect metaphor: the strands in your life and in your head that are constantly at work; they get tangled, they unravel, they break in unexpected ways. It also fits the arc of most of our songs, they tend to be heading in a certain direction… then they veer off.”

Indeed, Meander Lines’ songs are ones that are impossible to pin down, impossible to compare to anything else – both sonically and in the sheer force of them. It’s a strong vision from Easter.


Meander Lines is out on 30 March.
Easter play The Victoria, London on 19 April

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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