Premiere: FLIIIS – ‘Sonder’

After a strong first release, FLIIIS are back with their second single ‘Sonder’. With it’s sparkling guitars, echoing vocals and haunting lyrics, ‘Sonder’ tells the tale of a frantic attraction to someone you’ve only just met: someone you know is going to disappear forever. Sonder, by definition, is the realisation that every passer by has a complex story, with their own ambitions, friends and worries – a story that you’ll never know.

The track is as heartbreaking as the definition: dark and intense it’s a definite change for the gloomier compared to their last track ‘Feel It’. That’s not to say it’s not a welcome change, and ‘Sonder’ proves that despite being together just over 2 months, FLIIIS are more refined and confident in their sound that a lot of bands.

Released today (12 March) in the lead up to the band’s debut headline show at The Castle, Manchester on 17th March and a show for BBC Introducing at The Exchange, Stoke, on the 19th of March  ‘Sonder’ marks yet another stepping stone in what promises to be a pretty exciting 2016 for the band. 

Listen to ‘Sonder’ below:

Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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