Premiere: The Garage Flowers share new track and video ‘Hello Tango’

London-based Bristolians The Garage Flowers are gracing our ears and eyes with their new single ‘Hello Tango,’ and a video to accompany it.

Everything about ‘Hello Tango’ is in equal parts rough around the edges and charming; arguably the best combination. It sees The Garage Flowers go to anthemic new heights as well as brooding lows, it’s your favourite noughties indie bands with a darker twist.

Speaking about the track, singer Joe Capaldi said: “The song was recorded in Kent with Dan Lucas of BBC introducing. It’s something a bit different from our last two singles – it’s a lot more groove oriented, more riffy and more SEXAYY.

Lyrically the verses are about all the stuff me and Jonny (guitarist) used to get up to in our glamorous days (a few months ago) when we both lived in a Peugeot 206 for a year, with literally no money – “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times. The chorus is just a straight up declaration of my hatred for one night stands and hook up culture.

For the video we thought rather than doing our usual “a drunken weekend with The Garage Flowers” approach we’d go for something a bit less about whats going on ON film, and more to do with HOW it was filmed, a bit more arty I suppose. And make some points about the about how girls are portrayed in media, for instance, in superhero films the hero will “save the world, then get the girl”, it’s like she’s merely a prize.”


‘Hello Tango’ is out now

Photo: Sandy K Moz

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