PREMIERE: Hello Cosmos share new single ‘Run For President’

Hello Cosmos have shared ‘Run for President’ as the first single and title track of a forthcoming EP and you can watch the stunning animated video below, exclusively first on Gigslutz…

The release comes as the band chart their way around a run of UK festival dates which includes appearances at Live At Leeds, Liverpool Sound City, Blue Dot and more…

Plugged directly into the Radio Clash antenna, Manchester collective Hello Cosmos continue their sonic bombardment with another post-punk and indie-dance assault on the senses and consciousness.

Half dreamy yearning, half volatile, scattergun narration, lead vocalist Ben Robinson sets out a blueprint of progressive commentary on the Run For President EP.

The eponymous track of their upcoming EP release is a call-to-arms, a raging tumult of grinding, fuzz and flaying intensity that swirls around an Apache style beat and a harmonic sound clash of punk-ish dance and doom rock. At the eye-of-the-storm, Robinson uses a rich language, peppered with various literary references to rile against the false idols of superstition and the dark forces of commercialism that manipulate our behaviour. The message: Break off the shackles, cut the bullsh*t, discard the fairytales, and believe in yourself.

The upcoming EP also features a huge collection of outsider musicians from the Leeds scene with guests including Girl Sweat, James Smith (Post War Glamour Girls & Cruel World), Emma Mason (Galaxians & Lost Colours), Angela Chan (Lanterns on the Lake & Tomorrow We Sail) & Jack Simpson (Hyde Park Book Club) plus production and mixing at Greenmount Studios courtesy of Jamie Lockheart (Mye Mi), Rob Slater & Lee Smith.

The EP also features a remix by the infamous producer extraordinaire Jagz Kooner (Sabers Of Paradise). Jagz is renowned for production work with Primal Scream (Swastika Eyes), Bjork, The Prodigy & The Chemical Brothers plus his crossover remixes for Oasis, Kasabian, Soulwax & many more.

Hello Cosmos is the brainchild of Ben Robinson, also founder of award-winning UK music festivals (Bluedot and Kendal Calling), which began as an experimental studio collaboration. It now spans over 50 collaborators and has evolved into a live touring show, with four core members taking the sonic bombardment on the road.

The band have also announced a string of major festival dates in the coming months including Live at Leeds (4th May), Liverpool Sound City (5th May), This is Tomorrow (26th May), Long Division (1st June), Bluedot (20th July) & Kendal Calling (26th July).



This is Tomorrow (26th May)

Long Division (1st June)

Bluedot (20th July)

Kendal Calling (26th July)