Premiere: Itchy Teeth share new video for ‘Brian Wilson is Still Alive

If you’re gloomy Tuesday needs cheering up, look no further, as London/Margate/Germany-based Itchy Teeth have shared the video for their latest single ‘Brian Wilson is Still Alive.’

With the track celebrating Brian Wilson, and his almost sub-human avoidance of the drug-fuelled tragedy that far too often gets the better of pop stars, the video furthers the celebration in Itchy Teeth’s characteristically weird and wonderful way. Speaking of the video, singer Xav Clarke said:

The video we constructed to represent this is a two part odyssey;
The first half focuses upon the journey of Brian, told through the interpretive dance of a young German model named Hendrick, who perhaps possessed by the spirit of Brian Wilson, leads us on an improvised tour of a derelict play-park. During his exodus, his fantasies verge into reality, he dances with people that worship him and finds himself enraptured by his enthusiasm; sitting in a sandpit and jamming on a child’s keyboard. 

Part two enters into Brian’s reverie that emerges from his jam. Now completely absorbed in his own self-obsessed universe, he enters a fantasy world in which he is the leader of a cult that worships his name and his musical genius. He leads his followers from the top of a temple during which they become so overcome with religious fervour, that the video ends with them all dancing semi-clothed in the rain and lightening beneath the temple as pure devotion reaches euphoric bliss.”

It’s something unexplainably brilliant, and fittingly bizarre. Just watch it for yourself.

Watch ‘Brian Wilson is Still Alive’:

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