PREMIERE: Jack Cheshire shares video for ‘Widescreen’

Jack Cheshire is sharing the eerie video for his new single ‘Widescreen’ exclusively with Gigslutz, echoing the themes of multiverses and dystopia that he explores on his forthcoming fifth LP. 

It’s the third single taken from his new album ‘Fractal Future Plays’, set for release on November 27, with the single getting its full release via Loose Tongues on December 4. 

‘Widescreen’ is a psychedelic-tinged exercise in jangling indie pop that checks in somewhere between sun-soaked California and the somewhat less optimistic panorama of Britain.  In keeping with that sonic vision, key influences are The Byrds and Echo & The Bunnymen, heading a diverse list of names that have shaped his sound from James Holden to Deerhunter.  That’s all topped off with Cheshire’s own distinctive, deep drawling vocal style, residing very firmly on the American side of the Atlantic.   

The promo was filmed in Lewes on a stormy October day by visual artist Innerstrings and – we can only assume, at least– that the extensive use of a sky-reflecting mirror echoes Cheshire’s feeling that he was living “as an extra in an extended episode of ‘Black Mirror’” while making the album. “The world was going toxic and strange and it stirred up lots of cerebral sediment for me,” he says, “There was a sheen of unreality to it that made me realise how complacent I’d been and how naïve I was. I found myself joking with friends; ‘we’ve gone down a dystopian wormhole, it’s not supposed to be like this.’ It made me imagine multiple timelines playing out, fractals of various imagined or lost futures.'”