Premiere: Lossy & Strangers Are People Too – ‘Mircroverse (Part I)’

Having previously worked with Tru Thoughts, Tessier Ashpool and Two Rivers Records, Hackney-based composer and producer Lossy has now teamed up with visual artist Strangers Are People Too to release his latest creation.

An innovative work of art, conveying a live looping piece, Microverse is going to be released as both a twenty minute visual film, and a four track EP. With shades of the likes of Orbital and Aphex Twin, the piece was originally inspired by experiments with microscopes and natural materials, and is filled with epic musical layers.

Whilst techno bass lines whirr alongside uptempo brass melodies, it’s a truly innovative discordant soundscape that will leave you intrigued and inspired.

Listen to Part I of Microverse here:

Microverse, in its entirety, is out 28 April via Boot Cycle Audio.

Mari Lane

Mari Lane

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