Premiere: Nia Wyn – ‘Northern No Soul Town’

Set to open for Reverend & The Makers at Manchester Academy in November, London-based Welsh artist Nia Wyn follows her last single, ‘Do You Love Enough’, with a brand new impassioned offering.

An insightful look into the harsh realities of northern people left behind by the government, new single ‘Northern No Soul Town’ soars with the soulful power of Wyn’s vocals alongside sweeping brass melodies, funk-filled hooks and a glorious, swooning groove reminiscent of Paloma Faith. A truly infectious anthem oozing a rousing intensity, it’ll leave you longing for more of Wyn’s stirring creations. Of the track, Wyn explains:

“I wanted this song to show that although my hometown is known for its beauty, and whilst film and music glamorise the North for its historic music and strong accents, it’s a hard place to grow up in…”

Prepare to be blown away by ‘Northern No Soul Town’ here:

Photo Credit: Ty Faruki


Mari Lane

Mari Lane

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