PREMIERE: Pleasure Heads release their new single ‘Same Old Song’

Pleasure Heads have been stirring up an indie-punk storm across Glasgow’s basement venues, and gotten themselves a loyal following along the way.

Today they premiere their latest single, ‘Same Old Song’, which is taken off their upcoming debut EP Excuse The Filth. It’s indie-rock catchy enough to make you want to singalong with the repetitive cries of “over and over again”, but with enough post-punk thrown to add the grittiness of the story behind the track.

Produced by Chris Marshall and Baby Strange’s Johnny Madden, the track is about appreciating the hand you’ve been dealt. The whole EP explores being young while living in a suburban 21st century Scotland, and not hiding from the seemingly directionless nature of their substance-led endeavours.

Speaking about the EP, vocalist Euan Purves says: “These songs as a whole attempt to put meaning to the hedonistic way in which we live our lives. Pure pleasure without any introspection is vacuous.

We’re party people, forever chasing the mythical high, nevertheless it’s important to keep mindful of your own mindlessness. Use your evenings and weekends as chances to rise above the mundane without sinking into utter depravity. Be aware of yourself, in that way you can excuse (some of) the filth.

Pleasure Heads are celebrating the release of Excuse the Filth at The Priory in Glasgow on December 7. Tickets are available here.