Premiere: Shybaby share new video for Rocka Rolla

Taken from their debut EP PBR Tallbetch, exploring everything from shoddy Tinder dates to the power of female friendships, Brooklyn’s Shybaby are today sharing the video for ‘Rocka Rolla.’

With the track and ode to Rocka Rolla – Grace Eire’s favourite Brooklyn bar – and the misadventures that happen there (the topic for the track being her first sexual encounter with another woman), the video is a tongue in cheek, super fun accompaniment. Speaking about the video Grace said:

Purposefully naive and sometimes tongue in cheek, “Rocka Rolla” as a video wasn’t going to tell the exact story of the song for the risk of trivializing the topic. Instead, I wanted it to be freeing, fun, grounded, and maybe even reminiscent of childhood and carefree, youthful pleasure. It’s a reminder to be the truest and most open version of yourself, as cheesy as it may be; to listen to your gut and to let yourself experience your best and bravest life. Whether that means being the only girl at the skate park or following an attraction to a fellow human being, so be it.”

Cheesy, perhaps, but ultimately rather lovely.


Melissa Svensen

Melissa Svensen

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