*PREMIERE* Youth Killed It drop video for infectious new single ‘Where Did I Go Wrong?’

‘Where Did I Go Wrong?’ is the result of months of shaping every single detail in order to create an indie-rock song where stream-of-consciousness vocals are conceived to hit the listeners and make them question themselves about everyday doubts.

About the new single, singer Jack Murphy comments: “Growing up in the last 15 years has been the craziest experience with the change in the way we interact and function as member of society. With the growth of social media and the fact we see everybody living their ‘false-perfect li(f)e’, it leaves us asking ourselves where did we go wrong?”. Describing with honesty how every little aspect of everyone’s life is questionable and stops at crossroads where an individual always questions the choices made, Murphy adds: “We are the generation of ‘big dreams’ and believe we can be anything we want, when in actual fact, reality hits us harder when we take the first big steps out in the real world”.

‘Where Did I Go Wrong’ will be available on all streaming and digital outlets from March 20 via Rude Records.