PREVIEW: Absent Kelly Presents: Tim Burgess (The Charlatans) DJ set @ Amersham Arms 4.6.16

The Charlatans’ Tim Burgess will be making a far too rare DJ stop-off in London on Saturday 4th June.

The term “multi-faceted” is a bit derogatory when talking about Tim Burgess, as even diamonds don’t have half as many “faces” as Tim…

Firstly let us do the obvious; Tim is Lead singer of The Charlatans. Twelve albums in and still making incredible records, headlining festivals around the world and getting an insane amount of coverage in the media. The band has influenced numerous generations of musicians and should have a subtitle as “Godfathers of UK indie” or “UK music royalty” but that would not be very Charlatans would it?

Away from the band, Tim has worked with the Chemical Brothers on the ‘Exit Planet Dust’ and ‘Push The Button’ albums, featured in Freebass – the supergroup of Mani & Peter Hook and even recorded with Joaquin Phoenix. He has written and released two books (including the forthcoming Tim Book Two), programmed festival arenas under his Tim Peaks event, designed a breakfast cereal with Kellogg’s and has one of the most irreverent and entertaining social media accounts in the twitterverse.

As A DJ, Tim was resident at the infamous and zeitgeist changing Heavenly Social, which helped launch the careers of both the Chemical Brothers and Norman Cook’s Fatboy Slim alias and Tim has DJ’d at some of the globe’s best clubs and venues.  Tim is a proper DJ, no pre-prepared sets, no pre-prepared mixes, just a man with a huge record collection at the centre of the room & at the centre of the dancefloor.

Come join the Indie wonderland and leave tellin’ stories.

10pm – 3am

£10 ADV, Tickets available HERE