Preview: Great Northern Ska Festival

We will be at the Great Northern Ska Festival this weekend, surrounded by all sides of one of the most immersive cultures the UK has ever produced: the Skinheads. Here’s why you should think about coming too, and everything you need to know about the event…

Where? Bowlers Exhibition Centre, Manchester.

When? This Saturday (19/08/2017)

Who’s Headlining? Bad Manners

Who else is on? Skatalites, From The Jam, Rhoda Dakar (Bodysnatchers), Brinsley Forde (Aswad).

What we said last year: Once again, I came into this festival slightly worried that as a twenty year old journalist wearing no boots, no braces, would I stick out? Of course, this was ridiculous. This is far from an exclusive skinhead original festival. Still in 2016 2Tone is bringing people together. Whereas in its prime it was famed for mixing different races, it now brings together people of all genders, backgrounds, ages and colours too. My first experience of the Ska revival, and I can assure you it won’t be my last.

Full review of The Great Northern Ska Festival 2016

Why should I go?

If you are a skinhead-revivalist or a big ska fan, the chances are you already are going. If you’re not though, you still shouldn’t rule it out. The festival is £25 for twelve hours of ska, reggae and rocksteady beats, bargain! What you will find if you decide to take a dip into the unknown, as I did last year, is that this is an inclusive, all day party. The venue helps massively, and when it is packed out you do almost get the sense this isn’t a gathering of ex and current skinheads, and it certainly doesn’t carry any of the stereotypes you may associate with that. Instead it is a simply dizzying collection of music, fashion, and booze; a mix which all goes towards creating one of the friendliest and eye-opening events you’ll find. Take the plunge!

How Can I Get Tickets? Tickets are available HERE.

The Playlist:

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