PREVIEW: Sweat Threats stream debut EP ahead of release on Cassette Store Day

If we’ve learned anything from following London/Irish band Sweat Threats over the last year, it’s that #TheThreatOfTheSweat is most certainly real. Formed of Matthew Sutton (TAYNE), Niall Jackson (Swimmers, Bouts) and Lucy Brown (Bad Grammar), Sweat Threats combine adrenaline and abrasive noise to create the perfect tunes to head thrash to. Their debut EP Sweet Treats is set to be released tomorrow on Cassette Store Day (October 13th) via Wonky Karousel records, but we’ve got an exclusive preview stream which means you can listen to the record straight away.

Mixed and Mastered by Jesse Gander (Japandroids, White Lung) the six tracks on Sweet Treats tackle themes of “abandonment, loss of youth, and staying positive in the face of political turmoil”. Opener ‘Hermit’ breaks the record in with trademark Sweat Threats ferocity, and will please fans of Les Savy Fav, Idles, Therapy? and Fucked Up. Second track ‘Pop My Cherry’ is a (much needed) antidote to “dumb college male bravado”. It’s a riotous, entertaining post-punk party anthem that mocks the hyper-masculine college lad stereotype. The riff-heavy verses provide the perfect lead-up to an unexpected chorus that gleefully mocks the sodden disappointment of (accidentally) soiled sheets.

The jolting ‘Functionalist’ packs a punch with its phenomenal percussion, flat-out vocals and full-on riffs, whilst recent single ‘Suffocate’ will leave you gasping for air. Its call-and-response vocals and seething guitar riffs squeeze all sense of claustrophobic thought out by the time the track stops spinning. If everything you do stems from love, you’ll identify with the lyrics on penultimate track ‘We Know’, and if you’re a fan of Stephen King; you’ll identify with the title of closing song ‘Tommyknockers’. Both are bursting with thunderous bass lines and devious distortion.

Sweat Threats deliver more than just Sweet Treats on their debut EP – they provide a post-punk backdrop for listeners to thrash away their negative thoughts and pummel out any insecurities. Listen to the record exclusively below, and pre-order your copy on cassette here.

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Photo Credit: Keira Cullinane

Kate Crudgington

Kate Crudgington

Kate Crudgington

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