Raynes rides the Hollywood wave in ‘Lemon Drop’

Consisting of one Brit and two Americans, transatlantic trio Raynes releases their infectious new single. Entitled ‘Lemon Drop’, the track delivers catchy pop melodies, delicate violin and beautifully blended harmonies. The song is produced by Mighty Mike (Lana Del Rey, The Neighbourhood, Dua Lipa) and mastered by Joe LaPorta (David Bowie, Vampire Weekend, Shawn Mendes). Narrating the highs and lows of Hollywood fame, the trio confides, “It’s pretty fatalistic, but very tongue in cheek, as none of us are really planning on getting hooked on drugs or the adoration of fans or any of the other pitfalls that our parents and Hollywood itself warned us about.” 

Raynes is Mat Charley, Joe Berger and UK native Mark Race,  known for fusing contemporary pop with Americana soundscapes, the trio succeeds in creating a music style all their own.  With music inspired by a multitude of influences, Raynes have deemed their unique sonic style as “expensive folk”. Merging piano, synths and stunning string arrangements, their music posses the arena-filling choruses of Coldplay and captivating folk feel of Mumford and Sons. Take a listen to this bittersweet single now.