REVIEW: A League Of Gentlemen – Precious Things vinyl box set

REVIEW: A League Of Gentlemen – Precious Things vinyl box set

Since the sold out Special Stuff vinyl set Demon Records have been chased, followed and bartered to release another set from those chief wizards of comedy A League of Gentlemen. Precious Things is the final instalment in this series of releases featuring some unforgettable scenes that now feature across a spectacular box set of specially pressed vinyl.

The characters from the fictional town of Royston Vasey feature here from the Christmas Special, brought together on 180g vinyl for the first time. First aired in December 2000 Yule Never Leave plus Return to Royston Vasey, Save Royston Vasey and Royson Vasey Mon Amour first aired December 2017.

Yule Never Leave is pressed on Snow Slash vinyl, telling the haunting but hilarious story of Vicar Bernice’s becoming irritable when 3 unwelcome guests prevent the ritual of watching TV boxing instead stories of ghoulish vampires and monkey balls which interrupt the forearm smashes and headlocks. The episodes from 2017 are pressed on Snow Globe vinyl with the fourth sides featuring etchings of Tubbs and Edward.

Those 2017 episodes have Benjamin discovering his late uncle Harvey is far from 5 feet under, plus there are the daft goings on of Tubbs and Edward going into a disused block of flats to set up a shop plus we also hear Pauline seeking to relive her unspectacular past living a life via jobseekers. As with the previous sets they are furnished in spectacular gatefold sleeves with fabulous artwork, making this an absolute must purchase for all fans of the much loved mad capped programme.

Precious Things can be purchased from the Demon Music Group website