REVIEW: Aviator - All You Haters

REVIEW: Aviator – All You Haters

Aviator aka Pete Wilkinson is back with another stunning album entitled All You Haters release on 22ndJune 2020. On CD, Vinyl and Download. This is yet again a popular mix of luxurious acoustics, psychedelic sonic blasts, blissed out vocals all wrapped together to make it a stand out album of 2020. Instrumental number Scarecrow kicks off the album with a sort of Cocteau Twins vibe, acoustic guitar glides the song along, whilst a ride cymbals gets some delicate treatment before a melodica wistfully enchants the listener. 

The Wrong Turn has Pete sounding like Cold Turkey period John Lennon on this slowed down churning number, with more wistful organic sounds. K Tipper is a stunning ballad with echoey vocals, distant drums, gentle guitar feedback whilst a luscious tripped out chord sequence drifts the listener into a heaven sent world of musical bliss. All You Haters delves the listener into a darkened world of Spacemen 3 tripped out moog, before a clattering drum sequence delves the listener into a Tomorrow Never Know type beat. 

AV8TOR sounds like Primal Scream XTRMNTR period with distorted keyboards, phased tripped out vocals and a revolving beat gliding the listener to another planet of sound. Here Comes The Gun sounds like Super Furry Animals It’s Not The End Of World whilst Catching The Blues is a distorted solo guitar number with Pete singing sounding this time like Jason Spaceman, the guitar solo is spine tingling. An artistic triumph of a record, a class act from one of Liverpool’s rising musical heroes now firmly grabbing the centre stage spotlight. 

All You Haters can be purchased via the following link

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