REVIEW: Bad Sounds – Escaping From A Violent Time


Bad Sounds release their latest album, ‘Escaping From A Violent Time’, a brilliant selection of summer-soaked pop excellence.

Opening up the album is new single, ‘Lovers’, which quickly establishes the records tone. It leads in with a distinctly lo-fi, stoner sound through the use of synth and ambient notes, with the track’s vocals being delicate and balanced, akin to Thom Yorke in his most tender moments. It’s cool and sleek, taking clear influence from acts such as Hot Chip but never sounding rehashed or dated. These sleek poptones are continued within the following track, ‘Sympathetic Vibrations’ which can only be described as soft-boy Doja Cat.

‘Move Into Me’ is the albums standout track, taking on a darker and more introspective sound. With beautiful piano and an excellent bassline, it sounds like a modern take on Groove Armada’s, ‘At The River’. The inclusion of guest vocalist Broods is a masterstroke as it allows the brothers to take a back seat and focus on crafting the lush sound-scape that makes this track as wonderful as it is. Following on from this is the track, ‘Extra Beat’ which again serves to showcase just how good Bad Sounds are as producers with the track’s melody being so delicately balanced. The piano keys that fill the track are slow and filled with soul, with a calm and relaxing excellence. 

As ‘Jenny’ opens up we’re quickly brought back into the vibrant pop-world that has been delicately crafted for the audience whilst still remaining distinctly lo-fi. It sounds like classic UK garage with edges softened by a waft of hash-smoke and Carhart hat. It’s light and upbeat, with an excellent melody which allows the drums to shine through, providing a perfect balance for the key electro-notes. 

Closing out the record is the titular, ‘Escaping From A Violent Time’ and with this it closes unequivocally on a high note. With an ominous piano lead in it quickly explodes into a drum led disco-influenced track that sounds like the Jackson 5 updated for the modern day. 

‘Escaping From A Violent Time’ is a brilliant slice of summer tinged pop. Across it’s runtime the album takes you from moments of pure joy to its darker and more introspective moments, but what is paramount above all else is the production talent of Bad Sounds, with not a single song falling flat on this front.