Review: Camden Rocks 2019

Camden Rocks 2019 was more successful than ever, spreading across two days rather than just one as it had previously been, giving even more incredible artists the chance to play to a crowd of die-hard music fans.

Strange Bones Strange Bones The Blinders The Blinders JuiceBox JuiceBox JuiceBox The Famous Class The Famous Class Towers of London Towers of London Towers of London Young Garbo SPIT SPIT SPIT Strange Bones

It was a hot day from the start, as fans got down early for the kick off at 12 pm, with heavy-rock band SPIT taken centre stage at The Dublin Castle, the room impressively filled for one of the first acts of the day. “This guitar keeps going out of tune, the prick,” lead singer Enrico joked with the audience before the band launched into a torrent of pounding riffs and smooth lyrics”.

Young Garbo was on next, a world away from the band that had played before with their upbeat, funky tunes and remarkable dance moves that the audience couldn’t help but move with. Signed to Creation 23, Young Garbo wowed the watching crowd, not least with the tambourine shaking demonstrated by frontman Garyn Williams.


Over at The Black Heart, pop-punk band, The Famous Class took to the stage. After a 5-year hiatus, the band reformed last year and proved that they still have a dedicated fan base that was just waiting for their return. Mixing in their old classics with some newer hits, the band also throw in a cover of the infamous ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’, making their own spin on the infamous Rick Astley track.


The Estevans packed out The Hawley Arms, their youthful, fun, catchy songs attracting a huge audience, along with JuiceBox who’s set in the same venue was loved by the room, especially when Thomas Muckian took his microphone into the crowd, letting fans sing along with him.


Dingwalls throughout the day was a bundle of energy, and this was most apparent during electronic punk rockers Strange Bones. Already a hot day in Camden, this band took things to a boiling point, the audience a mass of noise, sweat and mosh pits. Bobby Bentham ignited the room, sending the crowd into a frenzy as they yelled along with the thumping tracks, and clearly loving every minute, as they stormed the stage for the final song, (much to the sound technicians dismay).


The Blinders came on straight after (with barriers now up to stop another stage invasion), starting with their classic voice over of fast beat poetry-esc, calling out the government and the corrupted society that we live in, before walking onto stage, deadpan faces, launching straight into ‘Gotta Get Through’, keeping things cool, heavy and fierce.


And just down the street indie-punk band Towers of London were bringing the day to a close, The Monarch filled to the brim with eager fans waiting to cause chaos in the venue. All wearing in boiler suits, Towers of London delivered a huge performance, with the infamous Donny Tourette strutting around the stage, swinging his microphone, his voice powering over the vicious guitar riffs and hammering drums. Mixing together their hit 2006 album, ‘Blood, Sweat and Towers’ with their latest releases, their set went down a treat, a perfect end to a rock-filled day.

Photos by Elly Bailey, watch when she caught up with Strange Bones frontman Bobby Bentham here: