Review: This Feeling – London w/ Rosko, JW Paris, Daze, The Curious, Deflectors

This Feeling were back in London last weekend, throwing yet another banging indie party that rocked the North of the capital.

Hosted at jam packed Nambucca, the show opened with Deflectors. The four piece from East London got the crowd in the zone with solid anthemic indie tunes. Very rhythmic and energetic, their sound blends eighties new wave influences such as The Cure or The Smiths with more recent indie rock bands. The set was quite consistent stylistically and the lads got the chance to play their track “Alone” which you can stream now on Spotify. All in all, it was a great warm up for what came next. So warm in fact their guitarist had to take his shirt off.

The Curious were second on and boy were they amazing! The high voltage band straight away caught everyone’s attention with lead singer Dominic connecting really well with the crowd. Now if you’re a fan of the Wombats and the Kooks, the Curious are for you and I highly recommend adding their single “Colours” to your playlist. The five guys just owned the stage from the first second of their set to the last and everyone reacted well to it. Great stage presence as well, they did put on a truly good show and extra points for Dominic’s stage dive and break dance moves in the middle of the audience.

Next on the stage were Daze and their ambient tunes. The very airy, bass driven band were quite reminiscent of the Stone Roses in the tone of their guitars and with the heavy use of reverbs and echoes. If that’s what you’re into, then head to their band camp and check out their track “Friends”, it’s a banger! The boys brought their spacey tunes to the Nambucca stage and delivered them with great conviction and strength. Some sound problems occurred during their set unfortunately, with the bass cutting off for a good few seconds and the vocals disappearing at some point as well, but the four boys showed great professionalism and kept on going anyway. After all, it’s rock and roll!

Talking about rock and roll, J.W. Paris main support for the night, absolutely smashed it. It’s not everyday you see a three piece eat up the entire space with such explosive stage antics and equally fiery tunes. Heavy riffs and catchy vocal gimmicks; the band who supported bands like the Amazons and Yonaka sound like a clever mix of Blur and Kasabian – listen to their EP “Berlin” and you will get what I mean. The fans in the audience just kept dancing and chanting to their songs, which are quite easy to sing along to, making their set even stronger.

Closing the party were the four guys from Rosko. Their tunes are one of a kind, think of it as the Clash gone completely ska-punk with a bit of rap sprinkled here and there. Yup, just that. Tracks like “Riches to Rags” and “White Stilettos” had everyone jumping and shouting. Again, the stage presence really did it as the band jumped into the crowed to dance with the fans. With a nonchalant and carefree attitude, they made sure the show got the ending it deserved!

With all the bangers throughout the night Nambucca had the party going up until late that night, in true This Feeling style!

Words & Pic by Hazel Smith