ALBUM: Jeff Wootton ‘The Way The Light’


He has supported The Clash and Blur, worked with Massive Attack, Damo Suzuki, Liam and Noel Gallagher and their former rival Damon Albarn. Now, he has finally released his own material – Jeff Wootton, with his debut album The Way The Light. Inspired by both Manchester and California, the LP sees a constant evolving sound to each track.

‘Sea Of Sound’ opens the album with its intoxicating guitar work, electrifying the mood of the album from the start. Despite having a mix of heavy riffs and drums, it becomes increasingly magical. As the song is purely instrumental, it allows room for flexibility for the track.

‘Venus’ follows, where Jeff Wootton’s vocals are introduced – further maintaining the raw sound created with the first song. Echoed and distant vocals doubled over one another, it creates a sound that slightly resembles Kasabian, although the distant feel to the prior tracks changes within ‘Sonik Drips’. Mystery is created with the mix of synthesized instrumental and bass, mixing together to create a rather trippy tone to the title. Whilst maintaining the mystery of the track, the dominant beat transcends into an almost Prodigy inspired sound. Thus, when moving onto ‘Ceremony Waltz’, it is exceptionally calmer in comparison to the prior track.

Maintaining the tranquil setting to the album is ‘So Lonely’, an acoustic track. Jeff Wootton perfects his vocals, accompanying his soothing chords. Continuing the track is the guitar hook; hearing the change of chords adds to the earthiness portrayed within the sounds of the number. Suddenly, the initial electricity reappears; resembling Oasis despite the ongoing foundational tones. ‘Reverie’ is the next track, continuing the galvanising sound, after the ‘Interlude’ is played. Gorillaz inspiration is visible here, with Jeff’s talent shining throughout the track.

Coming to an end, the album sees a diminuendo, with ‘The Eternal’. Having a country feel to the song, acoustic guitar work is used throughout, though with a quirky distortion. Being acoustic, though with a mix of synthesised tones, this track definitely owns an independent mix. This sound remains in ‘The Way The Light Bends Around You’, before reverting back to its electrifying primary sound in ‘The End’.

It is evident that Jeff Wootton has worked with legendary names, but with the release of this album, he could be a huge name himself.

The Way The Light is released on 26th February via Sympathy For Vinyl.

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