ALBUM: Kaleo ‘A/B’


Icelandic band Kaleo have returned after their debut, self titled album with A/B.

Resembling bands such as The Black Keys due to their vocals and instrumental work shows the heavy potential that this band hold for their future.

First track on the album, ‘No Good’ opens with a dense introduction, perfectly accompanied with the powerful, perfected rock inspired vocals which juxtapose the low tones within the track. Repetitive guitar work and multiple vocals are used simultaneously, introducing the album with a bang.

‘Way Down We Go’ soon follows. Though it is much softer in comparison, switching the electric guitar for serene piano chords instead, the harsh vocals and lyrics from the opening track still linger. After reaching the bridge, electric guitars are then welcomed, creating a much darker approach to the switch in tone, before ending tranquilly.  This track is most likely to be known from Fifa, Suits and being used on a trailer for Orange Is The New Black – Kaleo are evidently thriving in popularity already.

Alternatively having a country approach at the beginning with guitar,  blues riffs can be heard within the track ‘Broken Bones’. Turning softer towards the bridge, the track goes onto exploit its guitar solos. Unlike the prior tracks, there are no dark twists within the tones, upbeat though still with dark lyrics: “the devils going to set you free” – with a few drumbeats closing the song.

Contrastingly, drum beats and an electrifyingly upbeat guitar opens ‘Glass House’. There’s much more emphasis on the vocals in this track; Having a lively chorus compared to previous tracks suggest its the most likely the most capable track on the album to become an anthem.

Heavily riff based track ‘Hot Blood’, in some sections turns acapella, emphasising the raw riffs to soon follow it. Towards the end it becomes increasingly lively. Brings back the screams, completely different compared to their second track.

Acoustically approaching the track ‘All The Pretty Girls’, the listener can hear the fret board positions switch, adding to the earthy tones. Though there are increasingly haunting vocals compared to the raw ones heard before, guitar work is involved and crescendos, before reverting back to the opening tones. Before this album was released, it already had 23 million listens on Spotify. This soft approach to Kaleo’s music continues within the tracks ‘Automobile’, ‘Vor I Vaglaskogi’ and ‘Save Yourself’. Collectively, Kaleo showcase their capability and talent throughout the album. It’s a must listen.

A/B is out now via Elektra/Atlantic Records.

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