REVIEW: Mark Morris – So Long album review

REVIEW: Mark Morriss – Look Up album review

Mark Morriss, The Bluetones choir boy singer, has released his latest long player entitled Look UP featuring a uplifting mixed bag of his own compositions unleashed via Reckless Yes. Set free in September 2019 the album shows the frontman still has plenty of the charm first evidenced on tracks like Slight Return and Marblehead Johnson.

Now fronting a beard Morriss resembles an educated music traveller, therefore opening track Adventures sees him don hiking boots and compass as the track begins with a slowing burning Breaking Into Heaven opening only for the boots to be kicked when the songs flows in full swing with ‘you want some action’ lyrical mastering, the track has an almost Madness Embarrassment jolly backing which is only a good similarity to have.

Roll Away is a alluring broken vocal romantic ballad, elegant harmonies introduce themselves with dainty acoustic guitar and skiffle type drum patterns leads the procession as Morriss delicately sings ‘7 years I left you lonely’. If Dolphins We’re Monkey keyboards leads All The Wrong People whilst Holiday Of A Lifetime has a similar opening to Everybody’s Talking but then breaks into a cool samba vibe.

The final cut on the album Mother Moon has the stars aligned to its enticing’s with nattering reverb guitar which matches anything that the Arctic Monkeys can do so can Morriss and his band. A naturally likeable collection is found here with enough appeal to entice new fans and keep the baying Bluetones fans happy. Expectations of a smooth musical Flight? The answer is yes.

Look Up can be purchased from Mark’s own website.

Matt Mead

Matt Mead

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