Review: Neighbourhood 2019

Taking place over one day, Neighbourhood Festivals gave attendees the chance to discover new music whilst exploring the beautiful city of Manchester, travelling from venue to venue to see the bands.

One of the first bands of the day was Isle of Wight band Coach Party (formally Jeph), who managed to draw in an impressive crowd despite their early set time. Not letting technical difficulties hold them back, they played a strong, powerful set filled with indie grunge anthems.

As Coach Party were finishing just down the street indie, pop band Vistas were starting. The three Scottish lads created warmth and joy throughout the crowded room, their feel-good songs leading the audience to dance, jump and smile, the band clearly enjoying themselves just as much.

A huge contrast to Vistas, Hotel Lux started at the downstairs of YES, their distorted garage punk sound oozing darkness, the lyrics painting a bleak scene of their hometown of South London. But the crowd loved it. Within the first couple of songs, the audience were moshing, jumping in time to the music, crowd surfers diving into the dimly lit room.

Over at the Bread Shed, Lady Bird was playing a set to remember, their faces showing almost disbelief at the crowd that stood before them going crazy for their music. It was clearly a special moment for the band and it was almost an honour for the watching audience to be part of it, as they screamed out the lyrics, moshing heavily. “I’m going to come and join you”, announced lead singer Sam as he jumped down from the stage and climbing up onto the barrier, making his way along using the lighting rig for balance while singing directly to the crowd much to their delight.

Avalanche Party played an outstanding set at YES, the darkroom creating a perfect fit for their atmospheric music. Lead singer Jordan maintained an intense stare before leaping straight into the crowd as they carried him around, setting the theme for the rest of the gig. He paced through the audience, again and again, fans yelling along with the lyrics, creating a riot in the tiny underground room.

The Blinders, Red Rum Club, HMLTD and Miles Kane each perspectival took to the stage at venues around Manchester, ending a crazy day full of some amazing music. Fans left the festival exhausted and happy, ready to go off and carry on partying into the night.