REVIEW: Paul Weller – in Another Room EP review

REVIEW: Paul Weller – In Another Room EP review

Some might solely associate Paul Weller with timeless classics such as The Changingman, A Town Called Malice and Shout To The Top. These masterpieces mask the identity of his latest creation, shrouded in mystery on a cloud of his own making In Another Room EP released via Ghost Box records features a 4 track concoction of sounds pulled out the same bag that Sun Ra and Captain Beeheart used frequently.

If you’re a fan of the Modfathers music this release will no surprise as he has created similar episodes of sounds on tracks such as Green, God and She Speaks. What makes this release compelling is you don’t know what you are going to hear next, nothing is conventional, to some this will be frustrating, but to a trained ear this is exciting and addictive.

The title track features a snippet of what sounds like a voice but could also be something not of this world whilst a blanket of subtle luxurious sounds merge into one. Submerge see a cello screeching at full force before violins and a mumbled vocal float in and around the speakers, Embarkation has a spring feel with the sound of birds speaking their morning chorus before abrupt synthesizer repeatedly makes its presence firmly heard. Rejoice is the most traditional composition here with some beautifully played piano before vocal woo’s brings this chapter to a not so natural conclusion.

In conclusion this is a release like no other that Weller has released before. As in 1989 when his audience left The Royal Albert Hall in tears hearing his new musical direction, this will either segregate or bring his audience closer together. In my humble opinion, this is the work of a master at work, who can see things way before any other of his kind. After all, this is part of what being a Mod is about.  

In Another Room can be pre ordered from the Ghost Box website

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